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    China Enterprise Confederation&China Enterprise Directors Association

    China Enterprise Confederation(CEC*)/China Enterprise Directors Association(CEDA), as the Chinese representative of employers,is a non-governmental institution.CEC(formerly known as CEMA which was renamed to China Enterprise Confederation on April 20,1999.),established in 1979, and CEDA , established in 1983,merged into one institution in 1988.
    The supreme power of CEC/CEDA rests with the Conference of All China Representatives, which is responsible for making and amending the statutes of the organization, setting long-term strategies, deciding on important issues, adopting resolutions, recommending membership applications and proposing candidates for the Board of Directors.

    bo yi bo Yuan Baohua Chen jinhua Zhanyanning
    Honorary President
    Bo Yibao
    Honorary President
    Yuan Baohua
    Chen Jinhua
    Director General
    Zhang Yanning

    CEC/CEDA's members are mainly enterprises, companies, entrepreneurs, provincial and municipal association, industry association and trade associations. Today CEC/CEDA comprises 436,000 members,including all kinds of ownership enterprises and individual employers representing 34 industrial sectors in 30 provinces,260 industrial cities and regions.Application for membership is voluntary.
    In upholding its principle of serving enterprises and entrepreneurs in general. CEC/CEDA is dedicated to promoting enterprise reform and development ,upgrading the level of enterprise management, increasing the competitiveness of domestic and international enterprises, safeguarding the legal rights and interests of employers,building entrepreneurship and encouraging the sustained development of enterprises.
    CEC/CEDA seeks to
    1) Provide enterprises and companies with training opportunities,advisory and information serices and technology transfers;
    2) Participate in the legislative processes concerning industrial relations;
    3) Publish books and periodicals on business management;
    4) Facilitate exchanges at the international level, thereby helping to achieve the ultimate target of establishing modern enterprise management system;
    5) Improve communication between Chinese and foreign companies;
    6) Promote cooperation between managers and workers;
    7) Help foster sound relationships between managers and workers;
    8) Acknowledge excellent companies and entrepreneurs;
    9) Develop human resources.
    10) Develop advanced models.

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